ALEXANDER AMOUR Gentleman's Reviews

July 20, 2022

by Sandy

I found out that my fiancé had been cheating on me for a while now. This happens every time I go on business trips. So, I thought of making one of my business trips spicy. I just finished my work for the day. I met Alexander outside my hotel, we went for drinks. He had this charismatic and dominating, but gentle aura that got me really turned on. I asked him to ravish me when we went back to my hotel. That bad boy did me so well, making me climax five times straight. I will be calling Vivian's again.

July 3, 2021

by Sandra & Jeff

After consulting with Vivian via email, we were happy to have her recommend a few of their gentleman based on their specialising in couple bookings. My wife and I had a fantastic time, and will definitely repeat the experience. Maybe next time, we’ll organise to have another girl join us as well as Alexander. The more the merrier!

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