Step up, Suit up, and Show Us Your Best Game as a Premiere Male Escort

Do you want to live your life In luxury as a premier male escort?

Male escorting is not just a run-of-the-mill profession. You would need to have the right personality and attitude to excel and get your clients coming back for more. It’s actually one of the highest-paying professions out there, and it’s just waiting for you to say yes and make your break!

We can't leave our valued female clientele behind, so pioneers like us are looking to address the demand for these fine gentlemen.  The question in everyone's mind is, do you want to be the best version of yourself? Slicker, sexier, more attractive, and overall better? Then what are you waiting for? It’s time to join our excellent selection of fine gentlemen and please the ladies waiting.


Debunking the Myths About Premier Male Escorts

We're sure a lady-pleaser like you wouldn't want to keep these fine ladies scrambling all over when you can give them the night of their life. But, contrary to popular belief, escorts aren't just men who are paid to sate someone in bed. Our male escorts for women provide more than that. It takes someone exceptional to care for a high-class woman and give them everything they need. Looks aren't enough.

You being mentally stimulating, fun, and comfortable to be with is a package of worth. Our array of elite Sydney escorts is professional, caring, well-mannered and educated, and is sure to give any high-class woman an unforgettable experience. Being an elite escort is always about challenging yourself to improve and finding new ways to make our ladies happy with every encounter.

Do You Have What It Takes to be One of Our Premier Male Escorts?

We only pursue the utmost standards in selecting gentlemen who will be representing our company. We take pride on providing only the highest quality of services to our female clients. Premier standards are what aspiring applicants are required to apply To maintain our high-quality services.


A quality Elite Male Escort should have these traits and attributes:

1.  5' 10" - 6' 3" tall

2.  Between 25-45 years old

3.  Stunningly Handsome

4.  Has a humble, outgoing, and pleasing personality and is excellent with women

5.  Well-mannered, educated, professional, and has a pleasant voice

6.  Healthy, Clean, and Hygienic (No STDs)

7.  Knowledgeable about the escort industry (Inclusion of sex in appointments is decided by the client)

8.  Is sexually skilled and has sexual control over himself

9.  A straight male (Not Bisexual or Gay)

10.              Emotionally mature and psychologically stable

11.              Does not have a criminal record

12.              Should always be well-dressed and well-groomed (Formal Attire)

13.              Physically able and no markings on the skin (Scars and Tattoos)

14.              Member is of decent size

15.              A smart conversationalist with a sense of humor


Working Your Passion

This calling isn't like a 9-5 job that requires you to go to the office daily, but this requires you to break through your barriers and be the best man you can strive to be. Discipline is key in succeeding in this line of work. In addition, you would need to build your body, mend your mind, and flourish your attitude and personality.

Success always involves investing in yourself, and we will make sure that if you come to us as an affiliate, we make sure to give the utmost support that our organization can provide. However, always remember that your success will always depend on you. It will depend on how you treat the clients and provide them with the experience they are longing for.

This calling is a work of love. And love requires caring, consideration, passion, and empathy.


Join the Club!

Keep in mind that this is a professional vocation. This is a profession for men and not for little boys. We have the responsibility to make our ladies feel happy, comfortable, and sated. Our ultimate goal is to give them a day off from all their struggles and give them a night or maybe a week to remember truly. So challenge yourself and burst out of normalcy. Build yourself to be the best you can and be the lady's man you've always dreamed of.

Joining our agency would require you to sign an eternal contract of confidentiality regarding all client information and all activities that you will be or have engaged with the client.

Attach recent images for our reference. Including nude photographs will be ignored!

If you don't have a professional portfolio you must be willing to organise one as soon as possible.

You can complete the requested fields below with minimum 3 images attached!


Do NOT upload erotic images, your application will be rejected immediately . . .

to apply at MV you must be a Straight/Heterosexual male
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