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Please find below the company Legal Disclaimer:

All gentlemen at Madam Vivian's Escorts For Women (herein known as EFW) are 18yrs or over. Please remember that by agreeing to the following statements, and entering this adult web site, you are electronically signing your consent that you accept the terms of this disclaimer and that you are over 18 years old;

I declare and affirm that: I am at least 18 years old and I will not permit any minor to see material I find here. I am not accessing this material to use against any person in any conceivable manner. I believe that such material is not illegal to view in the community/ locale in which I reside. All images are copyrighted to EscortsForWomen.com. (trading as a discreet telecommunications company)

It is not the intention of EFW to provide specific medical or sexual advice, but rather to provide users with information to better understand their emotional and sexual health, and their possible diagnosed disorders. Specific medical advice will not be provided, and EFW urges you to consult with a qualified physician for diagnosis and for answers to your personal questions.

Information is provided strictly for informational and/ or entertainment purposes only, and is not intended to replace the advice of a professional, qualified physician. Neither EFW nor any of its staff or other titles shall be liable for any errors in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. By accessing the EFW site, a user agrees not to redistribute the information found therein.

The company of EFW or it's parent company or directors are not responsible for mistaken or incorrect information inadvertently offered by telephone receptionists or gentlemen. We provide conscientious training to vigilantly attempt to prevent any disappointments or misunderstandings, however should a situation arise whereby a client has been mis-informed, EFW or it's directors are under no circumstances required to act upon it, honor it or agree to it in any way.

The company of EFW or it's parent company or directors are not responsible for mistaken or incorrect information inadvertently provided on the official websites due to mis-spelling/ misunderstandings or accidental mis-information. EFW reserves the right to change, alter, correct or delete any part of the website at any time, at which point the most recent copy will override the original mistaken or misunderstood text. The website is created and maintained by a party which is trusted to transfer certain documentation, images etc. to the website for client information; if this information is misunderstood by the website designer, and finds it's way, through no fault of the directors or staff, onto the website, EFW and it's directors are not responsible in any way, nor liable for compensation or explanation.

For site security purposes, as well as to ensure that this service remains available to all users, we use software programs to monitor traffic and to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or otherwise cause damage. In the event of authorized law enforcement investigations and pursuant to any required legal process, information from these sources may be used to help identify an individual.

The EFW website provides customized links to other selected internet sites and companies for your convenience only. The links you choose to enter, the companies/ individuals you choose to contact are solely responsible for its services to you, the user. EFW is not responsible for the availability or content of these external sites, nor does EFW endorse, warrant, or guarantee the products, services, or information described or offered at these other Internet sites. Users cannot assume that the external sites will abide by the same Privacy Policy to which EFW adheres.

EFW and it's directors & staff are not responsible for any events occurring as a result of you the user contacting the company/ individual. EFW shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of the services of the company/ individual.

The EFW Web Pages are frequently updated and improved. New content and new gentleman's profiles are added as they are available. Although we will attempt to keep information accurate, the accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed. A gentleman's profile may be uploaded, before it is decided by management that he is unsuitable. In this case, the gentleman will not be available through our agency, and the profile removed. We do not necessarily provide the gentleman displayed on the website for this or other reasons.

EFW, it's directors and it's staff reserve the right to refuse any client at any time without notice or provocation, for whatever reason seen fit. Possible reasons may be unsuitability in behavior, presentation or hygiene, or simply lack of gentleman's availability, but no reason need be stated when a client is refused. EFW is not responsible for disappointment of a last-minute appointment is unable to be filled due to unavailability or closure of office/ telephones.

All rights reserved regarding safety precautions, security procedures, office procedures, record destroying, hiring and dismissing of staff and office maintenance. No responsibility is taken for a gentleman who is not acceptable; due to our image of providing the finest looking and acting gentlemen, EFW is exempt from discrimination, and always dismisses/ rejects unsuitable applicants as politely and tactfully as is humanly possible. EFW and it's staff reserve the right to accept or reject whomever is seen fit as suitable or unsuitable for the company.

Full training and monitoring of gentlemen is provided where necessary - all safety precautions are advised. EFW is not responsible for any events occurring between the gentleman and his client, as a result of his own negligence, or the negligence of the client, where he agrees to a certain act/ provision, resulting in an undesirable situation. All precautions are taken to select suitable clientele for the gentlemen, no responsibility is taken by EFW if a client is not suitable; it is the gentleman's responsibility to reject the booking and arrange with the agency to have him collected.

All information is provided for the safety of the gentlemen, each and every gentleman is responsible for her own safety and sexual health. Although EFW takes every possible precaution to protect and secure the gentlemen from harm within the office, and in conveyance to and from bookings/ appointments, * EFW is not legally responsible for his safety in any way, at any time. Security is present, and provided if asked for by the gentleman, but is not guaranteed throughout the entire booking.

Gentlemen are within their rights to refuse to accept a booking from a client at any time without reason. He is not required to stay with, accompany or converse with any client he does not wish to stay, accompany or converse with, nor is he required to provide any particular services. The services he provides are his own choice, in agreeance with a client's requests. Fees are paid for the gentleman's time only, not specific 'services'.

Clients attempting to harm, offend, steal from or frighten a gentleman in any way will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Police will be notified immediately of the booking details, EFW is not responsible for a gentleman's decision to press charges for any reason about or during a booking, although all discussions may take place and objective advice may be given.

For the fee paid, EFW and it's management collects together the finest gentlemen at their discretion, and promotes them to suitable clientele at the company's expense; EFW does not promise any particular service provision; available services are listed on the website, but there is no guarantee that these services will be provided by the gentleman, in his discretion he may choose to service a client or reject the booking. His introduction period (10-15 minutes) at the commencement of the booking allows for either party to cancel the booking. No promises are made until the gentleman personally meets and approves the client, and she/ they approve him.

Gentlemen work with an agency to be promoted professionally, tutored professionally, have their clientele selected for them, and to have the emotional support and physical security provided therein. A client's fee covers these expenses and the gentleman's fee for his company. Clients found asking gentlemen to meet them outside of work will only be introduced to a limited selection of gentlemen, certain gentlemen will be unavailable to her, or her business may be declined, at the discretion of EFW.

Similarly, if the client is proven to be actually meeting a gentleman outside of the agency, she will be fined a sum in excess of $10,000, depending on the worth of the gentleman and the situation, at the discretion of the company management, to recover lost expenses. (Not to mention she will theretofore be known as a cheat with no integrity, whom has taken advantage of the expensive promotion to find this gentleman, then decided she has the right to change the rules and help herself to a naive gentleman's company for free/ for less money.) She/ they will then be blacklisted by the agency, and not accepted as a client by any of our staff or exclusive gentlemen.

An agency selects gentlemen carefully to ensure their suitability for their valued clientele, and their suitability in working with their existing quality staff. A great investment in time, training, promotion, grooming and security is spent, and simple loyalty expected in return. Should a gentleman be discovered giving his personal number to clients, or actually meeting a client outside the agency, he is automatically dismissed. He is also fined a minimum of $5000 - $10,000, depending on his agency level, and never again permitted to have access to the fine quality of our selection of clientele, agency management, staff, provisions, advice/ training, security and professional promotion. He is immediately removed from the website, along with all photos, and no assistance, whether financial, security wise, personal, or otherwise will be given at any time in the future for any reason. Once a gentleman has breached his verbal and written agreement to carry the integrity we expect from our staff, he is immediately considered no longer under the care of EFW, and EFW no longer attempts to ensure his happiness or personal security. (*See section IX)

EFW is not responsible for a gentleman who chooses to become an escort, and is then discovered by someone, or meets a client who happens to be an acquaintance. A gentleman is given all relevant details for the booking, it is his responsibility to recognize the details, and accept or reject the booking before arriving. EFW is not responsible for any events taking place as a result of the gentleman telling someone about being represented by EFW. We do not encourage nor discourage the idea of telling friends/ family/ partners, it is entirely the decision and responsibility of the individual gentleman himself.

EFW guarantees it's services in that the company provides a 100% guarantee of quality - (NOT a 100% guarantee of satisfaction), whereby if either the gentleman or the client are unwilling to go ahead with the booking during the first 10-15 minute introduction period, where no clothing other than a jacket has been removed, and no physical contact other than a brief hug/ peck kiss/ hand shake/ shoulder rub has occurred, and no sexual act or satisfaction has been achieved, there is no charge and no obligation.

The client may politely tell the gentleman in question she was expecting something different/ doesn't feel the right chemistry, and the gentleman will politely call the office to arrange a replacement, or the client may cancel altogether, with no charge. Should she cancel for personal reasons, such as feeling unwell, needing to go out, a sudden business meeting, a partner coming home, etc.., she will be charged a cancellation fee relative to the gentleman's hourly fee, for his time and effort. To take advantage of the cancellation, a client must tell the gentleman 'you are unsuitable for me' in her own words.

* the guarantee applies in principle at all times, but the expenses involved vary for international/ interstate bookings; depending on the length of the flight/ time spent etc, a fee will be charged before sending a replacement gentleman. If a replacement gentleman is declined, the arranged reasonable fee for the initial cancelled gentleman will still be payable, regardless. Clients pay for the time of the gentleman, which includes travel time and often jetlag effects.

EFW is exempt from all responsibility regarding dissatisfaction of clients; we consult carefully with clients before arranging appointments, and do not allow callers to simply ask for a gentleman from the website without assessing their needs, and whether he might be suitable for her/ she for him. If the client does not take our recommendation for the most suitable gentleman for her experience, the outcome is in her hands. The receptionists know the gentlemen well and are the only individuals in a position to recommend the most appropriate gentlemen, based on the client's preferences. We always match the client and gentleman to the best of our ability, and our 100% guarantee of quality (NOT satisfaction) ensures we will attempt to match gentlemen and clients of similar sophistication/ quality level.

Clearly stated on the company website are the procedures for swapping or cancelling a gentleman that the client feels is unsuitable for her. If she accepts the gentleman for the booking, pays the fee and goes through with the service, with no complaints to our office before, during or after the service, the transaction is completed, and no complaints in days/ weeks/ months or years to come will be admittable. The statute of limitations for complaints and subsequent possible compensation, such as an alternate gentleman or a discount toward a future booking has passed once the service is performed and completed. If the client is not mature and assertive enough to discuss her discomfort with the gentleman, or at least sneak into the bathroom and discuss it with the office, the company accepts NO responsibility for any dissatisfaction. EFW staff are not mind readers and do not claim to be.

The client has the option during the introduction period to politely decline the gentleman's company. The client also has the option to cease the booking in the first 10-15 minutes of service if he is finding it unsuitable, and call the office to discuss his options. Failure to do this implies the client is satisfied and all fees are paid in return for time and any services rendered, hence the booking and business transaction is finalized. We reiterate the point that gentlemen are not under any obligation to perform any particular service if he does not wish to.

The services available and the services provided are entirely at the gentlemen’s discretion, as he tailors the booking to suit each client, and is accountable for his own service or lack thereof. The gentlemen are sub-contractors to the company, not employees, and EFW holds no responsibility to the way in which he does business with the clients we introduce him to. All efforts are made to ensure the highest quality, with tutoring in many different areas including service provision, however it is the client's responsibility to provide feedback to us of her opinions. We are not present in the room as the service is performed, therefore we take no responsibility. If more than 2 clients have similar complaints about a gentleman, he is re-trained, and carefully monitored thereafter, or dismissed if inappropriate.

In a situation where a client has funds 'in credit', (ie transferred to the company account, or given to a gentleman in advance for a future appointment), she is required to use these funds within 6 months if the amount is less than A$2000, or within 12 months, if the funds exceed A$2000. Gentlemen are reserved for the client who books and makes payment, and will often forfeit other bookings for her request. The receptionists make arrangements & the gentleman clears his own schedule; this time must be compensated for. EFW does not provide refunds. Any deposit is held in credit towards a future booking. We are obligated to protect our staff's identity and schedule, and therefore must stand by our arranged procedure, which clients are informed of before booking, and can read here within our legal disclaimer.

This procedure is clearly stated here on the website, and is non-negotiable for any reason, for any individual. Clients often forward hundreds or thousands of dollars for us to hold in credit in our company account, for the ease of bookings throughout the year. In any of these cases, whether the funds are in credit due to a cancelled booking, as a deposit for a booking, or as credit for future bookings, funds must be used within the allocated time, or they are forfeited without discrimination. EFW DOES NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON TO ANY INDIVIDUAL. We have too many transactions and are far too busy to make these arrangements; when a client forwards funds to us for any reason, and does not use the funds for any reason, the funds are held in credit for future use, relating to the times above.

EFW encourages you to smile, have fun and be happy & polite

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