Late 30's








Brown - Dark


Internationally, Sydney, Canberra




Light Tan


M - AU(38-40)/EU(48-50)

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Meet James: The Epitome of Rugged Charm and Intellectual Depth

Discover the Man Behind the Muscles: A Blend of Strength and Sensitivity

James is more than just a visually striking individual; he is the embodiment of a rugged, earthy charm combined with a successful career in property development. His physique is a testament to his active lifestyle—muscular, sun-kissed, boasting a sculpted chest and powerful arms. Yet, James brings more to the table than just physical strength. His intellectual depth and approachability make him a captivating conversationalist, striking a perfect balance between being a sturdy presence and a compassionate soul.


A Closer Look at James’s Unique Attributes

James’s striking eyes may be the first thing to capture your attention, but his allure doesn’t stop there. Standing tall at 5.11 feet, this early-30s Australian-European exudes natural charm and warmth, making him an exceptional listener, entertainer, and companion. His background and experiences have shaped him into a well-rounded individual who is comfortable in both high-society events and casual settings. This blend of qualities makes James the epitome of quintessential Australian masculinity—robust, straightforward, respectful, and unpretentious.


The Ideal Partner for Any Adventure

Whether you’re in pursuit of thrilling adventures or romantic escapades, seeking sensuality or fiery passion, James is the perfect partner to enrich your experiences and create memorable moments. His versatility and ability to adapt to various social settings while maintaining his authentic self make him a sought-after companion for those looking to explore life’s pleasures to the fullest.


Gentlemen's Services

  • Elite Dating Experience
  • VIP Business Meetings
  • BFE (Boyfriend Experience)
  • Social Dinner Companion
  • High Class Overnight Stays
  • Intimate Mountain Vacations
  • Exotic Paradise Getaways
  • Overseas Travel Experience
  • Romantic Yacht Sailing Nights
  • Elite Couples Experience
  • Duo Partners Rendezvous
  • Personal Bodyguard Twist

Gentlemen's Rates

For privacy reasons JAMES does not disclose his rates publicly.

Gentlemen's Reviews

June 23, 2023

by Sandy

It was my birthday and I needed someone to come with me to a party. It’s been years since I’ve had a boyfriend, and having accompanied by a male escort might help me get in tune again. We were partying and having fun all night long. He was so cute and handsome, few of my girlfriends started...

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