My First Time Booking a Male Escort for Women

I've been looking to book a high class gentleman with the Madam Vivian escorts for women agency for a long time now but have always been too nervous to make the initial phone call. Taking the easier option I chose to send an email and Vivian herself responded. She was so lovely and understanding and truly made me feel like this was normal and that she had had plenty of clients who were incredibly nervous about their first time booking.

She asked me if I had any questions and as I was so nervous, I didn't have just one question but more like a hundred! She explained to me the selection process of the gentlemen at the Sydney agency and how the agency is extremely stringent in their security and police checks as well as the more important personality and physique types. Vivian truly put me at ease as she explained to me that I would remain in control at all times (unless I wanted otherwise) and that perhaps she or one of her receptionists could go through a consultation with me to determine what type of experience and gentleman I wanted for my first appointment ever.


Was I nervous or just curious? 

I was very nervous but Vivian was right, speaking on the phone with her receptionist Tash made things certainly easier to organise than emailing. Tash was lovely and asked me a few little questions, mainly about the type of experience I wanted, whether I was searching for something more social as well as sensually intimate, or simply erotic experience.

For my first booking with the escort agency, she was lovely and organised a special package for me, whereby we could meet out at my hotel, and then go out for drinks and dinner for a few hours so that the experience would be lovely and romantic as well as without pressure. If I wanted to end the booking early at the social stage, I could, or if the gentleman and I didn't connect or I wasn't comfortable in the first twenty minutes, I could cancel as well.

Speaking with Tash, while I had a preference for a certain physical type, she explained to me that the type of experience meant that she could recommend three different gentlemen for me, and the gentleman I originally thought I was interested in meeting with was not in that list. When I asked why, she explained that she could find someone who fit the physical and personality type that I wanted, the gentleman I picked originally didn't quite have the personality I was searching for.


How contacting Madam Vivian help me achieve what i was looking for.

This was actually something I really needed to hear as I appreciated that Escorts for Women is not only a click the picture type of agency. It showed that they were truly interested in making a fantastic match and a great evening for myself. The evening came and the Sydney male escort Craig was exactly as I had hoped. We had a fantastic time at drinks and I was so attracted to him! He was good looking, charming and just a completely lovely man and once the drinks finished and we progressed back to my hotel room, there were only slight nerves.

He made me feel wanted and the best part was that we snuggled at the end and he truly didn't want to leave. I know that he made me feel alive and wanted again which is something I mentioned to Tash and Vivian and they really recommended the best person for what I was searching for. I'm very happy with Escorts for Women and know that I would love to see Craig again. I know I have a few weddings coming up and he's so much fun to share time with that I know that he's my go to date if I need someone fun.

Thanks Vivian!


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